College Publications

Overview of Publications

Publication Description
Brochures - College Materials produced to describe the College in general, it's activities, and its programs.
Brochures - Program Materials related to subject areas, majors, and specializations.
EdD Program Newsletter The EdD Newsletter provides news about the students, alumni, faculty, and staff in the doctoral program community. It is generally published one a semester.
The Educator The Educator is published for the College's educational community. It is currently on hiatus.
Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies - JTLPS JTLPS is the academic research journal for the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. The journalpublishes peer-reviewed studies for the educational leadership and policy community in California and beyond. The focus is to advance our understanding of solutions to the many problems faced by the nation’s schools and colleges.
Teaching for Change Teaching for Change is a newsletter for the faculty and staff of the College of Education.


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