Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarships and Grants

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  1. Q: Do I need to fill out a FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?
    A: It is strongly recommended that you fill out the FASFA even if you are unsure if you qualify.

  2. Q: Can I submit my Scholarship Application after the posted deadline?
    A: No; all applications are due on or before the posted deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS. It is important to remember that applications have to be processed by several parties in a timely manner so that scholarship recipients can be notified in time for registration fees and financial aid deadlines.

  3. Q: Can I apply for a scholarship if I am not currently in the Teacher Credential Program but have or will be applying for the upcoming semester?
    A: Yes, you can apply for a College of Education Scholarship as a continuing or new student. You must have a valid Sac State Student ID number to apply. In order to receive scholarship funds you must be accepted into the program. We will obtain your program acceptance and verify your enrollment before scholarships are awarded.

  4. Q: Can I submit my materials separately?
    A: No; All materials are due on or before the posted deadline. Any material not included will be considered Incomplete.

  5. Q.  When will I be notified if I received a scholarship?
    A.  The College of Education will be notifying students in early June of scholarship opportunities they have been chosen to receive.
  6. Q: When I turn my application in, will someone look it over for me?
    A: We are not able to look at applications as they come in. We schedule specific times to process application materials. It is very important to follow the directions on the application and to use the provided check list(s). Reception staff WILL NOT review any applications when they are submitted.

  7. Q: If I am selected as a Scholarship Recipient how am I notified and what happens next?
    A: If you are selected to receive a College of Education Scholarship you will be notified via email (be sure that you provide an email address that you monitor on a regular basis). You will receive an email with detailed instructions on the next steps with attached forms and a link to sign up for an orientation. You will be CONDITIONALLY selected until your eligibility is confirmed with the University's Financial Aid Office. The entire process can take between 12 and 16 weeks.