Scholarship: Harold F. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship


Value Eligibility Supplemental
  • minimum 2.7 GPA;
  • limited to seniors or graduate students accepted or enrolled in any College of Education major or program;
  • must be enrolled with no minimum enrollment requirement at time of award
  • Submit a personal statement (typed, two-pages, double- spaced) to include: a. Reasons for pursuing teaching b. Methods of financing your education and how you would use scholarship funds c. Future career objectives.
  • Submit a list of experiences related to working with children or youth beginning with the most recent. List dates, settings, student populations (age/grade level and diversity level), responsibilities, and supervision.
  • Two letters of recommendation are required. Letters must be on letterhead and no older than one year from date of scholarship application submission, and should be relevant to your educational endeavors (please scan letters together in one document, as the program only allows you to download one document).

About the Sponsor

Harold Smith was truly a “Renaissance Man.” His love of science and the arts formed a life of inspiration and accomplishment.

Harold’s talents led him to explore many fields. During his war years, his love of tool making enabled him to make smoking pipes and to put a positive edge to the horrors of war. Later his inspirations led him to wood sculpting and engraving, furniture design and construction, classical guitar making, and harpsichord building. Although he made his living as a tool and die maker, he also worked in painting, silversmithing, jewelry, and his last love, hand printing. The “harma” press is a hand press he designed and built. Of the 16 presses he made, some are currently being used in universities to teach printing. He and his wife, Alma, worked closely together authoring and creating beautiful books and printed writings which will be cherished for generations to come.

This remarkable man is described as a genius, a loving husband, a caring father and grandfather, a very spiritual being, an extraordinary inventor, and a mentor to many. Harold Smith has made the world a better place with his many influences before his death on February 6, 1999.

Ms. Rita Singer Brandeis is the contributor who established this endowment in her dear friend’s honor.