Scholarship: Muriel F. Maloney/Malvetti Family Education Scholarship


Value Eligibility Supplemental
  • minimum 3.5 GPA;
  • limited to graduate students within any major in the Teacher Education concentration;
  • no minimum enrollment requirement at time of award

About the Sponsor

The Muriel F. Maloney and Malvetti Family Scholarship was established in honor of Jeanne Malvetti’s mother, Muriel F. Maloney who loved the idea that her daughter was a teacher and was enormously proud of her and her husband’s dedication to education.

Jeanne Malvetti has been a teacher at Sacramento City Unified and a part-time faculty member at Sacramento State. She has worked over 16 years in the Sac City Center for Teacher Preparation. Her husband, Niel Malvetti is also an educator who works as director of research and training at the Sacramento County Office of Education.

Both Muriel F. Maloney and the Malvetti Family have shared a strong dedication to teaching and education. It is their hope that students who receive this award will dedicate their lives to serving children.