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College of Education

Teaching For Change

Nick D. Floratos Scholarship for Excellence in Education

About the Sponsor

This scholarship was established to honor Nick Floratos upon his retirement as County Superintendent of Schools of Sacramento County and to acknowledge the importance of teaching human rights in the classroom. Students will be asked to submit a statement on human rights issues if they wish to be considered for this award. The amount of this award varies from $300-$500.





  • Limited to students accepted or enrolled in any College of Education credential program
  • No financial need required
  • May be enrolled full or part time
  • Must be enrolled at time of award

Supplemental Materials

  • Applicants must submit a paper, not to exceed 500 words, on human rights issues that focus on the Armenian genocide and the holocaust.
  • Submit a personal statement (typed, two-pages, double- spaced) to include: a. Reasons for pursuing teaching b. Methods of financing your education and how you would use scholarship funds c. Future career objectives.
  • Submit a list of experiences related to working with children or youth beginning with the most recent. List dates, settings, student populations (age/grade level and diversity level), responsibilities, and supervision.
  • Two letters of recommendation are required. Letters must be on letterhead and no older than one year from date of scholarship application submission, and should be relevant to your educational endeavors (please scan letters together in one document, as the program only allows you to download one document).