Instructions for Provisionally Accepted Students


All award recipients are encouraged to complete the following steps:

  1. Please RSVP for the orientation session on Thursday, August 21 from 3:00-5:00 pm in Eureka Hall room 223 to have you photo taken for the program. This will take approximately 30 minutes; please remember to wear business casual attire.
  2. Write a letter of thanks to your scholarship sponsor. Once you confirm your attendance for the scholarship orientation, detailed donor information will be provided to you to complete your tank you letter. Bring your letter and a copy to the the informational orientation session on Thursday, August 21
  3. Complete the scholarship questionnaire online no later than September 12.
  4. Complete scholarship reception RSVP form online no later than September 12.
  5. Clear any holds on your records to ensure smooth processing of your award disbursement in the Fall 2014 semester and/or Spring 2015 semester.
  6. Please check your My Sac State page to make sure your mailing address is current in the event a check needs to be sent to you.

Scholarship Orientation Date and RSVP

There will be an informal photo and orientation session on Thursday, August 21 between 3-5 pm in Eureka Hall 223.

At the orientation session, staff will review the reception proceedings in September. A digital photo of each scholarship recipient will be taken. This process will take about 30 minutes. You will not be required to attend the entire two hours; the two hours provides time to repeat the information for those not able to attend right at 3 pm.

Please bring your completed thank you letter and one copy. The original will be forwarded to the scholarship sponsor. If no living scholarship sponsor exists, you will be notified that no letter is required.

Please RSVP for the orientation. If you cannot make this informal session, please call (916) 278-3618 or email at your earliest convenience to make arrangements to have your photo taken at an alternate time (but before September 12).

Go to the orientation RSVP form

Scholarship Questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire carefully and thoughtfully. Your answers not only help us with granting your award, but also provide important feedback to the generous supporters that make your award possible. Let these donors know how their generosity helps you!

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Scholarship Reception RSVP

All awardees and their family and friends are invited to attend a ceremony formally granting the award. This reception - The Better Together Partnership Awards - honors three important groups of people: students like yourself to whom we dedicate our efforts, donors that provide financial assistance to help students finish their programs, and individuals and community organizations that make vital contributions to the local educational community.

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