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Congratulations to the Class of 2016

We’ll soon be sharing video from each of our seven ceremonies from Spring Commencement 2016. Here’s a preview featuring the College of Health and Human Services ceremony.

Be sure to check back here on June 1 for the debut of our other ceremonies.

Commencement Update

To graduates, their families, and their friends:

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to those of you who were unable to attend the College of Health and Human Services Commencement ceremony at Sleep Train Arena on Saturday morning.

After the ceremony began, Sleep Train Arena security personnel closed the doors when they determined that the arena was at capacity. To ensure the safety of all, no additional individuals were allowed to enter at that point.

This situation has never before occurred at commencement. However, it is clear now that our graduation ceremonies have become so large that we must change our processes.

Up until now, graduates have submitted RSVPs for their guests to the University by a certain date. The count has then been shared with Sleep Train Arena. There have been no restrictions because the University has not wanted to limit the number of guests who attend and share in the celebration of the day.

Going forward, however, unlimited RSVPs will no longer be possible, as what happened Saturday must never happen again. Beginning with the 2016 Winter Commencement, the University plans to implement a formal ticketing process so that attendance is better managed.

Again, the University is deeply sorry that many families and friends were not able to share in this momentous occasion with their graduates. And, while we understand that the steps we are taking will not change the circumstances that took place Saturday, we will do everything in our power to ensure the best possible commencement experience at Sac State.

For those who were unable to attend, video of the full ceremony can be viewed above. The University has also posted images and video of all the weekend's ceremonies on Facebook, Twitter and the Commencement coverage page at

Thank you.

Vince A. Sales
Vice President for University Advancement

Sleep Train Arena

Our students have a chance to shine at Commencement.

Our ceremonies are held at Sleep Train Arena over two days. For directions, click here.

To view a step-by-step video of the Commencement process, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! Graduation day is near and it promises to be a memorable day for you, your family and friends.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through the process of preparing for graduation—everything from ordering your regalia to making sure your family and friends see your proud moment. And check out our Commencement Tips video, your step-by-step guide to everything graduation.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Commencement Office at or call (916) 278–4724.

Questions for Students

Questions for Guests

Preparing for Graduation

Students who have 85 units or more should apply to graduate, as the application begins the process for review of academic requirements and other important tasks that must be completed before Commencement. Students who expect to graduate during the fall semester must apply to graduate by Feb. 1 of that same year. Students who expect to graduate in spring or summer semesters must apply to graduate by Oct. 1 of the previous year.

Your Commencement Day

Congratulations! Your graduation promises to be a memorable day for you and your family and friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Graduation Tips Video

RSVP for Your Ceremony

Graduates must RSVP to their respective College (buttons listed below) to participate in Commencement ceremonies. Graduates participating in Commencement ceremonies must wear Commencement regalia.

Registration with your College does not guarantee that your name will appear in the program. The appropriate petition to graduate forms must have been filed with the Office of the University Registrar by the selected deadline. For more information on petitions to graduate click here.

To RSVP please click on your respective College: