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Sunburst Projects

Sunburst Projects supports families living with HIV/AIDS by providing a range of family support services year round. Aimed to fill the gap in HIV/AIDS services, our programs support the family as a unit by building on family strengths and helps teach parents how to nurture and support their children.

Teen Program: Thanks to new drug treatments, the first generation of infected children who were born with the virus is now living into adolescence. Support groups and other therapeutic activities help educate HIV impacted teens about the importance of drug adherence, safe sex, and how to avoid risky behavior in order to help them make the transition into emotionally healthy young adults.

CSUS Student Placement in the Teen Program:

Assist with planning, organizing and participating in monthly teen event night. This includes locating sites at which to hold events, organization of sponsors and volunteers, assistance with release of information to clients and volunteering the night of the events.

Students who volunteer at Sunburst are expected to intern with the site the following semester, so as to assist the kids with greater continuity of workers.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the programs, have any information you would like to offer, or simply have questions about the program or the course, click on the link below:


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