"The art of progress is to preserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order."
~ Alfred North Whitehead

Book Spotlight: Foundations of Relational Realism: A Topological Approach to Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Nature by CPNS Research Fellows Michael Epperson and Elias Zafiris

In this unique two-part volume, Michael Epperson and Elias Zafiris chart out a novel, intuitive, event-ontological interpretation of quantum mechanics formalized via the mathematics of category theory and algebraic topology.


CPNS Announces New History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Program

Sacramento State's HPS Program includes new course offerings in the Department of History, a visiting speaker from NASA, graduate student liaisons at Stanford and San Francisco State, the Ultimate Questions Student Discussion Group, and more.

Book Spotlight: CPNS Senior Fellow Roland Omnès

Our work at CPNS is driven by recent advances in the understanding of physics that suggest a deeper philosophical relationship between mathematics and the natural sciences. This relationship is the subject of Converging Realities, the latest work by quantum theorist Roland Omnès, one of the leading thinkers on the subject. The book shows that the axioms needed for the mathematics used in physics can also generate practically every field of contemporary pure mathematics.

Ultimate Questions Discussion Group

The Ultimate Questions Discussion Group reads and discusses works of mutual interest in the philosophy and foundations of modern science and mathematics. All students—especially those in Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Philosophy—are welcome to attend, as well as all faculty from CSUS and area colleges and universities.


Michael Epperson - Founding Director & Principal Investigator

The Center for Philosophy and the Natural Sciences at California State University Sacramento engages in research and scholarship that explores the philosophical implications underlying recent innovations in contemporary science, including those occurring in the areas of quantum physics, cosmology, and the study of complex adaptive systems. This exploration is, in part, a speculative philosophical enterprise intended to contribute to the framework of a suitable bridge by which scientific and philosophical concepts might not only be cross-joined, but mutually supported.

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Foundations of Relational Realism: Logical Causality, Intrinsic Decoherence, and a Category-Theoretic Mereotopological Model of Quantum Spacetime (2010-2016)

Principal Investigator: Michael Epperson, Director, CPNS, History and Philosophy of Science Program, Department of History, California State University, Sacramento. Co-Investigators: Elias Zafiris, Senior Research Fellow in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, University of Athens; Karim Bschir, Research Fellow, Philosophy of Science, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; Stuart Kauffman, Institute for Systems Biology.


April 19-23, 2017 - Arizona State University - School of Arts, Media, and Engineering - Ontogenesis Group - Inaugural Workshop - Santa Fe, New Mexico -
Stuart Kauffman; Sha Xin Wei, Arts, Media & Engineering, ASU; Michael Epperson, History and Philosophy of Science, CSUS-CPNS; Cary Wolfe, Cultural Theory, Rice University; Philip Thurtle, Comp. History of Ideas, Univ. of Washington; Adam Nocek, Arts, Media & Engineering, ASU
January 13-16, 2016 - Arizona State University - School of Arts, Media, and Engineering - Synthesis Center - Workshop: "Quantum Mechanics + Category Theory After Deleuze and Badiou"

June 4-7, 2015 - Pomona College: 10th International Whitehead Conference: 5 presentations - Michael Epperson: [1] Section IV, Track 2 “The Ontology of Contextualized Potentiality: Whiteheadian Internal Relations in Quantum Mechanics”; [2] Section IV, Track 7: "The Behavioral, Neural, and Quantum Correlates of Conscious Experience: A Whiteheadian Look at Tononi and Koch’s Integrated Information Theory"; [3] Section II, Track 1: “A Mereotopological Bridging of Prehension and Extension in Whiteheadian Cosmology”; [4] Section IX, Track 4: “The Whiteheadian Path from Quantum Physics to Psychology”; Elias Zafiris: Section IV, Track 2 “Sheaves of Boolean Internal Relational Frames: A Whiteheadian Approach to Quantum Geometry”

November 19, 2014 - CSUS History and Philosophy of Science Program - Visiting Scholar Dr. Robert Geyer, University of Lancaster: "Using Complexity to Help Understand and Manage Public Policy" - 5:30 - 7:30 pm Petris Room, University Library Rm. 3023 - FREE PARKING PERMIT

November 5 & 6, 2014 - CSUS History and Philosophy of Science Program - Visiting Scholar - Dr. Timothy Eastman, NASA Goddard:
Nov. 5: "Cosmic Agnosticism: Current Problems and Alternative Perspectives in Cosmology" - 7 pm, University Library, Rm. 3023
Nov. 6: "The Plasma Universe: Gravity Plus Electromagnetism"
Department of Physics Colloquium - California State University, Sacramento - 4:00 - 5:20, Mendocino Hall 1015

May 22-24, 2014 - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
5th Metalithicum Klausur Symposium - "Computation as Literacy: Self Organizing Maps" Michael Epperson :“The Ontology and Epistemology of Internal Relations: Bridging the Physical and Conceptual in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information”; Elias Zafiris: "Sheaves of Boolean Frames in Quantum Geometry"

April 5-6, 2014 - UC Davis-Michael Epperson: “Potentiality and Contextuality in Quantum Mechanics” - Conference: "Quantity/Quality: The Problem of Measure in Philosophy and Science"

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