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Consultation Services

Consultants and Expertise
Our Board members and affiliated faculty are available for consultation on any range of issues which have an ethical dimension. Local community groups, media, university departments, and individuals are encouraged to contact the Center to arrange for consultative services. Please see the websites and associated expertise profiles of the following center affiliates for her or his particular areas of expertise and experience.

Christina M. Bellon, profile (doc); Responsible Conduct of Research, Public Service Ethics, Ethics and Law, Children's Rights, Ethics in the Professions, Social Work Ethics, Women and Leadership, Immigration Ethics, Ethics in Government and Politics, Ethics and the Environment, Business Ethics, Ethics of Community Development, Social Responsibility.

Russell DiSilvestro, Bioethics (general), Medical Ethics (general), Ethics of Abortion, Ethics of Stem-Cell Research, Ethics of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide, Ethics and Personal Identity, Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Democracy, Ethics as Genuine Knowledge.

Molly Dugan, Journalism ethics; mass media ethics; citizen/online journalism ethics; media relations; racial & ethics diversity in the news; gender in the mass media; local/state government ethics.

Randy Mayes, Privacy and transparency; naturalized philosophy; judgment and decision making under uncertainty; ethics and philosophy of  science and technology.

Matt McCormick, Blog; Atheism, Knowledge and Atheism, God and Morality, Atheism and Morality, Critical Thinking and the Paranormal, Alternative Medicine and Critical Thinking, Kant's Ethics, Ethics and Drug Use, Sporting Ethics.

Scott Merlino, Biomedical and environmental ethical issues in scientific research and public policy; animal welfare; tensions between religion and science; ethics and human evolution; sexual morality; ethical dilemmas in business, sport and the military; Altruism; Reasoning about moral problems.

Tom Pyne, Offence, Hypocricy.

Richard (Rick) Schubert, Academic Ethics, Ethics and Education, Confucian and Buddhist Ethics, Moral Reasoning, Personal and Professional Ethics.

Cliff Anderson, profile (coming!)

If you have a need which does not seem to fit any of these areas of expertise, please contact the Center Director for further assistance. Our vast network of connections ensure that we can find someone with the expertise you require.

Arranging Consultation Services
Please contact the Center Affiliate directly, or if you would like more information about our consultancy services, please contact the Center Director, Russell DiSilvestro, at 278-5011 or