Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology

Updated: February 5, 2009


American River Watershed Conference, April 12-13, 2007

The California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology is a University-recognized Center composed of a cross-disciplinary, interdepartmental group of faculty formed at CSUS to respond to intensifying needs for high-quality, independent scientific studies of the natural and physical environment. Members include faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Studies and Geology.

We have...

  • Scientific expertise in biological, chemical, geological and environmental sciences
  • Analytical Equipment
  • Manpower

We offer...

  • Experimental design, data collection, interpretation, storage and related services
  • Environment-related educational services for professionals

Mission Statement

List of Participants




For more information, contact Dr. Susan Crawford, Department of Chemistry, California State University, Sacramento, 916-278-6542,

OR Dr. Ron Coleman, Department of Biological Sciences, California State University, Sacramento, 916-278-5836,

OR Dr. Tim Horner, Geology Department, California State University, Sacramento, 916-278-5635,