Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology
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Updated: February 17, 2008



Alphabetical List

Avery, Bill Invertebrates, Population and Community Ecology Population and community ecology, population monitoring and sampling, statistics
Baad, Mike Plants Plant surveys
Burton, Dudley Environmental Studies Environmental planning; hazardous waste policy; water treatment strategies
Coleman, Ron Fish Biology, Evolutionary Ecology Fish life history, eggs, larvae, survival, reproductive behavior
Crawford, Susan Physical Chemistry, Magnetic Resonance Dissolved organics in the environment
Dixon, Roy Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry Organic atmospheric aerosols; analysis of river water for characterizing salmon habitat
Evans, Dave Hydrogeology Groundwater hydrology, borehole geophysics, groundwater modeling
Horner, Tim Hydrogeology, Sedimentology Interaction of ground water and surface water; sedimentology
Kaplan, Jonathan Environmental and Resource Economics Water pollution control, environmental regulation and enforcement


List by Area of Interest


Baad, Mike

  Invertebrates Avery, Bill
  Fish Coleman, Ron

Avery, Bill

Baad, Mike

Coleman, Ron

Martinez, Ed

  Physical Chemistry Crawford, Susan
  Analytical Chemistry Dixon, Roy
  Environmental Chemistry Dixon, Roy
  Toxicology Martinez, Ed
  Environmental and Resource Economics Kaplan, Jonathan
Environmental Studies    
  Environmental planning Burton, Dudley
  Hazardous waste Burton, Dudley
  Water treatment Burton, Dudley

Evans, Dave

Horner, Tim

  Sedimentology Horner, Tim