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Proposed Bridge to the Doctorate Site for Fall 2014

-- California State University, Los Angeles [FLYER]--


In the Fall of 2014, CSU-LSAMP proposed to host the CSU-LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate, Cohort 11 at California State University, Los Angeles.

BD-11 activities include a variety of valued “best practices” for supporting and advancing LSAMP students toward completion of doctoral level studies in STEM.  Specifically, project support/activities will include: (1) substantial financial support for the initial two years of Master’s-level study; (2) rigorous course-work selected for each student in consultation with a Graduate Advisory Committee; (3) a two-year research experience under the close guidance of a faculty mentor; (4) professional development activities (e.g., workshops, seminars, conference participation); (5) monthly meetings to monitor student progress; (6) “connecting” Fellows to doctoral programs through collaborations with faculty and programs at Ph.D. institutions; (7) assistance with applications to Ph.D. programs, financial aid and fellowship programs; and (8) leveraging linkages with related campus and system-wide diversity projects and utilizing linkages with AGEP institutions and other graduate education programs and organizations to encourage program interest in admission of CSU-LSAMP BD Fellows into Ph.D. programs.


Financial Support**:  Each BD-11 Fellow will be supported by a graduate student stipend of $30,000/yr (12 month) and a $10,500/yr educational cost allowance to CSULA to defray tuition and other expenses. Successful students will receive up to two years of stipend and educational cost support, and are expected to complete MA/MS requirements within two years of matriculation.

Application: To apply for the 2014-2016 cohort of CSU-LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate fellows, please complete the following forms.

CSULA-BD Application (.docx)

CSULA-BD Coordinator Confirmation Form (.doc)

CSULA-BD Faculty Recommendation Form (.docx)


BD-11 Co-Directors at California State University, Los Angeles:

Dr. Margaret Jefferson Dr. Carlos Gutierrez Dr. Katrina Yamazaki Dr. Andre Ellis
Professor of Genetics Professor of Chemistry Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Associate Professor, Geological Sciences
(323) 343-2059 (323) 343-2356 (323) 343-2086 (323) 343-2411


**CSU-LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Cohort 11 is contingent upon funding by the National Science Foundation.