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The Center for Tax Education is a California State University, Sacramento Center that is active in the pursuit of education for taxpayers, tax practitioners, and other tax professionals.  It partners with various federal and state agencies, and other academic institutions in the pursuit of these educational objectives as well as other presentations and research of interest to the various constituents of the tax community.



Tax Practitioner Institute 2002


As you are aware, there have been some major changes in the tax law this past year.  There have also been some major changes in the Tax Practitioner Institute for 2002.  

Unfortunately, we have not been able to establish a firm date for the presentations for this year.  One problem is that there have been some severe budget restrictions that have imposed travel limitations on some of the participants.  We are having to investigate alternative presentation formats.

One format would be a distance learning format that would be similar to the old "Tax Talk" programs which were televised to remote locations, but the proposed format for TPI would be a web broadcast that any one could register for and receive at home, at work, on the road, or at one of the designated group attendance sites.  

Try as we might, implementing this new format has been a time consuming process, fraught with impediments.  We are not ready to move forward with dates and topics at this time.  We are still working on this and will keep you in the know with developments as they occur.  We are optimistic.

The group attendance sites would be organized at the regular TPI sites and would, if they take one of the proposed formats, have a live broadcast with an assistant to help with the interactive dimension of the program.  The interactive element would be a "chat" feature that would go directly to the presenter or their assistant, and could be addressed at that time.

Individuals need only minimum capabilities and access to the internet to receive the live audio and video broadcast.  Our goal is to be able to archive the audio and video for later distribution, and to have the presenter materials available ahead of time so that participants can follow along as they have in the past, at the live presentations.  Individuals have the same "chat" feature available for real time questions for the presenters.

In the meantime, if you have comments as to this type of format please let us know by contacting your local TPI site coordinator.