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Center for Teaching and Learning

Visiting Scholars Program 2016-2017


Last year’s funds helped support visits to CSUS by twenty one scholars, both national and international, participating in a wide array of events during both the fall and spring semesters.

Since the beginning of the year, the Visiting Scholars Subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, with the administrative assistance of the Center for Teaching and Learning, review applications for funding. Members of the committee have consistently been impressed with the outstanding credentials of the great majority of visiting scholar applicants. CSUS sponsoring faculty deserve thanks for submitting applications and orchestrating visits, thereby enriching the intellectual and creative vibrancy of our campus.

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Funding Guidelines

To request funds for a Visiting Scholar the following forms must be submitted electronically for approval by the Visiting Scholars Committee:

  1. Complete a Request for Funding Application
  2. Attach a formal vita or resume (at least 2 pages)
  3. Payee Data Record Form
  4. Payment Request/Invoice
  5. Note: Non-U.S. Resident Applicants will have additional document requirements: Copy of I-94 “Arrival/Departure” card Copy of Passport (including number and visa sticker/stamp) Honoraria Statement Receipts for Travel Expenses (other than per diem) are required. If receipts are not provided the payment is taxable income subject to withholding and reporting.
  6. Feedback Form.

FPC Approved Guidelines

  1. As many scholars will be invited to speak on the campus throughout the academic year as circumstances and funding permits.
  2. Those recommended for the Program must have established records of accomplishment in their fields.
  3. Presentations by visiting scholars shall be free to the University community and to the regional community.
  4. Programs shall be scheduled at times and places so as to maximize attendance, with maximum use of appropriate indoor and outdoor University facilities.
  5. No more than 2/3 of the current year budget can be expended in one semester.
  6. Programs will be publicized throughout the campus community and the region.
  7. Nominations for visiting scholars or performers will be accepted from a. individual faculty members or department/programs, or b. faculty members from two or more disciplines proposing to bring several scholars to campus to discuss a topic of interdisciplinary interest. (Faculty Senate September 23, 1999 FS 99/46)

Guideline Procedures:

  • Faculty may only receive funding for one visiting scholar per year. Keep in mind, the funding ceilings are: $200 for Scholars visiting within 250-mile radius of Sacramento $500 for elsewhere in California $800 for outside of California.
  • International Applicants: by law, International Visiting Scholars will have 30% reduction in their honorarium for taxes.
  • Applications must be received at least 20 working days before the event.
  • Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt and approval of application, not based on date of presentation.
  • Presentations can only be funded during the fiscal year in which the presentation occurs.
  • Sponsoring faculty and departments are responsible for the logistics of visits; for communicating with the visitors; for arranging for presentation rooms and times and accommodations for visitors. The law forbids the use of University funds to contribute for food and drink – as at a reception.
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning maintains a calendar of upcoming Visiting Scholar presentations, but sponsoring faculty are responsible for advertising individual presentations.
  • Faculty sponsor completes and submits a feedback form for the funded event no later than two weeks after the event.

Event Advertisement:

Faculty awarded funding are responsible for event scheduling and advertisement; events must be advertised at a minimum in both the Sacramento State News/Briefing: and the Sacramento State Campus Event Calendar:

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (916) 278-5945 or