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The Center’s Mission

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The Center’s mission is to bridge academia and government in the service of strengthening California’s democracy.

The Center is uniquely equipped to fulfill this mission. Through its award-winning Capital Fellows Programs, the Center has direct involvement with all three branches of state government. Being situated in the state’s capital city further strengthens the connection with government. At the same time, the Center is a part of the country’s largest public university system, and has strong ties to academic programming and research efforts. The Center’s Faculty Research Fellows Program, Visiting Scholar program, annual Envisioning California conference, and various other programming further cement its role in bridging academia and government in the service of the state’s democracy.

The Center’s goals

To accomplish its mission, the Center has identified these goals:

To assist California’s public officials and policymakers in addressing the state’s challenges through policy    research and productive dialogue.

To foster in California’s future leaders a dedication to public service and a commitment to the values of representative democracy, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for an effective and ethical public career.

To promote civic literacy among Californians, inspiring greater understanding of our state, government, people and history.

Notable programs

Among the Center’s programming are these key programs. For a look at all Center programs, see the drop-down menus at the top of our home page.

Annual Envisioning California Conference

California Elections Data Archive (CEDA)

Oral History Project

Visiting Scholar

Additionally, the Center actively pursues opportunities to support other California Studies activities and events throughout the state.

Timothy A. Hodson Scholarship

*To contribute to the Timothy A. Hodson Scholarship. please click here. Under “Gift Donations” select the Tim Hodson Scholarship. ” To read more about Tim’s Life and contributions, click here.

Center Staff

Steve Boilard
Executive Director
Brian Aguilar
Executive Fellowship Program
Megan Thorall
Director, Judicial Administration Fellowship Program
David Pacheco
Director, California Senate Fellows
Pam Chueh
Director, Assembly Fellowship Program
Terra Thorne
Director, The LegiSchool Project
Claire Bunch
Coordinator, Fellows Outreach and Special Projects
Sandra Bernard
Administrative Operations and Budget Coordinator
Dawn Adams
Adminstrative Support Coordinator, Executive Fellowship Program
Nadia Navarro Brown
Adminstrative Support Coordinator, California Senate Fellows Program
Ariel Rylander
Adminstrative Support Coordinator, Judicial Administration Fellowship Program
Rotce Hernandez
Adminstrative Support Coordinator, Assembly Fellowship Program


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