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People are hungry for rational dialogue about climate change. On April 10-11, a group of invited debaters and a public audience in Sacramento, CA, will participate in unique debates and caucus discussions concerning Water and Fire: Impacts of Climate Change. Convened by the Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP), in cooperation with California State University-Sacramento, this conference brings together scientists, policy makers, academics and community members who want to ask and discuss hard questions about this important topic for our area. 

The conference program will be convened in two parts

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, three internationally recognized scientists (“presenters”) will face questions and challenges from 40-45 invited debaters concerning their recommendations for water and fire policies in light of the effects of climate change. Each presenter will defend his or her position in 90-minute sessions that involve critical questioning by a panel of debaters composed of CSUS students and faculty, scientists, academics, as well as representatives from government, the private sector, and the community writ large. Participants in the audience also will be able to submit written questions for consideration by the moderator. 

On Monday, April 11, all conference participants who attended the debates on Sunday, including those in the audience, will join moderated small-group caucus sessions in which they  will jointly identify areas of consensus and actionable next steps to be considered by governmental and societal leaders. The conference concludes with a plenary session that seeks to synthesize the conclusions from the individual caucuses. These conclusions as well as summaries of the debates and the presenters’ policy position papers, are prepared by the ISGP in cooperation with CSUS students and faculty, into a free, publicly available book.

Dr. Roger Bales Policy Position Paper
Dr. Tina Swanson Policy Position Paper
Dr. Jon Keeley Policy Position Paper

Water and Fire 2016
  • CSUS-ISGP Interns Attend St. Petersburg Climate Change Conference

    From left to right Cheyene Keniston, Ericka Picazo Soto, Andrew Hawkins, Professor Michelle Stevens, Megan Weiss, Matt Owens, Cindy Henson and Zachary Frese. 

    CSUS is convening a similar debate-and-caucus event April 10-11 on the effect of climate change on water, fire, and fish.

    ISGP Florida Conference Photo
  • ISGP Florida Conference

    Presenter Dr. Harold Wanless (L) engages with a debater at the ISGP Conference “Sea Level Rise: What’s Our Next Move?” convened Oct. 203, 2015, in partnership with the Institute on Strategic Policy Solutions, St. Petersburg College, FL. ISGP.

    CSUS will convene a climate change conference April 10-11, 2016, concerning water, fire, and fish.

    ISGP Florida Conference Photo
  • ISGP Florida Conference

    Presenter Dr. Andrew Keeler with debate moderator and ISGP Associate Director Dr. Sweta Chakraborty (October 2015).  Debates are held in the round.  

    At the upcoming CSUS conference, approximately 40-45 invited debaters will represent a diversity of views, interests, and priorities around climate change in the Sacramento area.

    ISGP Florida Conference Photo
  • ISGP Florida Conference

    ISGP Founder and Executive Director Dr. George Atkinson (L) moderates the debate of Presenter John Englander’s policy position paper on sea level rise (October 2015).  

    The ISGP debate format also enables invited audience members to submit questions for consideration by the moderator.

    ISGP Florida Conference Photo
  • ISGP Florida Conference

    “Sea Level Rise Conference debater Phillip Stoddard, mayor of South Miami, raises a point (October 2015). 

    After the debates, all participants gather in small-group caucuses to seek consensus and prioritize policy actions.

    Mayer of Miami