Employers: Internships

Career Connection
Career Connection is an online career management system where employers can post internship opportunities from across the nation for Sacramento State students and alumni to see. Career Connection also posts part-time, full-time, and volunteer opportunities.

Employer Benefits of Hiring an Intern

  • Internships provide employers with a continual pool of high-achieving students.
  • Internships allow flexibility in staffing needs: it frees up higher paid staff to do more advanced or higher priority work.
  • Internships offer a cost effective, screening program of recruiting highly qualified students.
  • Internships result in a greater retention of newly hired employees (student interns).
  • Interns returning to campus are effective public relations ambassadors and contribute positively to a company's recruiting efforts and image.
  • Internships serve as a low-cost training and development program.
  • Employer/University ties are strengthened and communication is improved.
  • Internships tend to increase regular employee motivation and productivity. Hiring interns frees up regular employees from minor or routine tasks and allows these employees to concentrate on more challenging or sophisticated projects.
  • Interns are enthusiastic people who will provide new ideas and new viewpoints.
  • Interns that are hired on as a permanent employee after graduation experience greater satisfaction with their jobs than regular hires and therefore help reduce turnover.

Internship Toolkit
If you're an employer with questions about internships, don't miss A Guide for Employers Internship Toolkit. Here is a glimpse of what it contains. Get your free copy today by emailing Candace McGee, Internship Manager, at cmcgee@csus.edu.

On-Campus Internship Interviews
Companies who wish to recruit Sacramento State students for internships are welcome to participate in the On Campus Internship Interview program. For more information contact Candace McGee, Internship Manager, at 916.278.7207 or internships@csus.edu.

What is an Internship?

  • Internships can provide students with academically related work experience and in many cases, pay.
  • Internships are designed to give students the opportunity to work in pre-professional positions while still in school.
  • Internships are any type of carefully planned and monitored work experience in which the intern has intentional learning goals.
  • Internships come in many forms... some carry academic credit and some are arranged independently from the curriculum... some are paid and some are non-paid... they may last a month or up to two years
  • Internships foster self-confidence and professionalism, enable students to make important contacts in the business world and allow companies to get a good look at potential full-time employees.