Career Connection-Helpful Hints

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Student Log-in

New User Registration
(Please contact the Career Center for registration password. Your Career Connection password is NOT the same as your SacLink password)

  • To register with Career Connection you must use your SacLink ID for your username and to obtain the initial registration password please click here: New User Password If further assistance is needed please call (916) 278-6231.
  • To register, click the "new user registration" tab on the top of the student login page (you cannot just log-in the first time).
  • Do not use the back key on your Internet browser; always use either the return or back key designated within Career Connection.
  • You can search online for jobs, internships, co-ops, and volunteer experiences, find out about Career Center events and Career Fair attendees, and sign up for emailed job postings on Career Connection (other functions will be introduced later).
  • Remember to maximize your browser windows for full viewing options.
  • Be sure to allow your email account to receive messages from Career Connection; many times the messages will be flagged as spam.
  • You may change your password by clicking on the "profile" tab, then clicking on the "change password" tab.
  • Don't forget to upload a resume to Career Connection; many employers require an uploaded resume in order to facilitate the application process. After uploading the resume, also be sure to make it default by clicking on the "make default" button located next to your resume in the documents section.

Career Connection Job Search Tips:

  • Search by several methods (excluding industry), not just by major, to find the widest variety of jobs.
  • Press the CLEAR button before and after every search, or else the search parameters will keep getting more narrow.
  • If you find a particular employer interesting, you may add them as a favorite by clicking "add favorite" next to their name in the employers tab. You can then view all of your favorite employers by clicking on the "favorite employers" tab under the employers section.
  • Check the method of application for the job you are interested in; some Career Connection employers require an application through the system while others have an outside application process.

Download Career Connection Hints (pdf)