Students: Internships & Volunteerism

The Career Center offers an internship program for its students. Students should include an internship as part of their college experience.

What is an Internship?

Internships can provide students with academically related work experience and in many cases, pay.
Internships are designed to give students the opportunity to work in pre-professional positions while still in school.
Internships are any type of carefully planned and monitored work experience in which the intern has intentional learning goals.
Internships come in many forms... some carry academic credit and some are arranged independently from the curriculum... some are paid and some are non-paid... they may last a month or up to two years
Internships foster self-confidence and professionalism, enable students to make important contacts in the business world and allow companies to get a good look at potential full-time employees.

Internship Tips

It's never too early to begin searching for that perfect internship. Looking for an internship can take a few weeks or months, so starting early is best. This timeline will help you plan and begin the process of your internship search.
Start preparing the semester before you want to begin your internship.
Check with your academic department to find out if there is an internship requirement for your major and to find out what the requirements are for the internship. This will help narrow your internship search.
Come into the Career Center to get assistance with resume, cover letter, and thank you letter writing.
Come into the Career Center to get tips on how to strengthen your interviewing skill.

Career Connection

Career Connection is a database where students can find internship opportunities across the nation. Career Connection also posts part-time, full-time, volunteer opportunities in and around Sacramento.

Online Internship Directory

This online internship directory is designed to be the most comprehensive source of internship information on the web. The site provides full, up-to-date information on over 2,800 organizations offering internships and summer jobs for students. Go to The username is CSUSacramento and the password is GoHornets.

Research on your own

You can develop your own internship by contacting companies for whom you would like to intern. Make sure you are prepared with a resume and cover letter before making contact.
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Sutter Hospital Volunteer Program

Sutter Hospitals, working in collaboration with the Career Center place approximately 100 Sacramento State students each spring in volunteer positions. Students volunteer in a wide variety of locations where they get exposure to many of the different components of health care. This program involves a commitment to volunteer 4 hours a week for a total of 100 hours.

Click Here for More Information, Application Timeline and Current Openings

Internship Listserv

Sign up to receive information on internship opportunities, events, and more via email! Go to Type in INTERNSHIPNEWS-L and click “Submit”. Next, enter your name and email address, then click on “Join."