New Courses 

In order to repeat the successful experience of the Independent Supplemental Instruction (SI) course and track students’ progress more efficiently, the PARC has added two types of supplemental support courses to the PLACE program for Fall 2016.

1) ALS 96— Strategies for College Success. Similar to regular SI courses, this course is led by a facilitator to help a group of students achieve the following learning outcomes: developing academic skills and strategies on par with college academic level, utilizing campus resources to maximize academic success, and understanding the impact of career and academic planning toward a timely graduation. However, the course is not attached to a large GE lecture course. Also, the targeted students for the course are under-represented students with special needs. For Fall 2016, the course will be offered to students enrolled in the following programs: CAMP, EOP Sophomore Learning Community, Guardian Scholars, MLK Jr. Scholars, and Second Year Success.

2) ALS 199— One-on-One Mentoring for Transition Success. The course is intended to help transfer students make a smooth and successful transition from the junior college system to Sac State. Each transfer student will be matched with a facilitator (a successful transfer student here at Sac State). The protégés (mentees) will meet with their facilitator (mentor) regularly throughout the course of the semester and work towards reaching personalized academic and professional goals.

Both types of the support courses mentioned above follow a three-component comprehensive learning model described below:

Academic Support: Resource Facilitation: Career Preparation:
  • One-on-one tutoring/advising sessions throughout the semester
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with facilitators and faculty throughout the semester
  • Student Employment/Internship opportunity exploration
  • Academic support workshop learning experience
  • Understanding and using important campus resources
  • Job searching skills training
  • Additional academic support resources assistance, such as PARC SI or PAL classes
  • Learning opportunity with professional counselors/advisors
  • Graduate school application process investigation