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The Sacramento State Theatre Concentration is committed to intensive training in the areas of Performance, Scenography, Puppetry/Youth Theatre, Ethnic Theatre, Playwriting, Dramatic Literature, History, and Criticism. The Concentration is designed to offer breadth and depth and the faculty and staff, having national and international experience, comprise the Theatre Concentration.


An extension of our academic program is our excellent program of theatrical productions. Each year we offer six major productions and some twenty minor productions of one-acts, master's thesis productions, originals, tour shows, puppet productions and reader's theatre all of which provide an excellent showcase for the student of Theatre at Sacramento State. Physical facilities for these productions include the University Theatre for proscenium productions, the Playwright's Theatre for original and experimental productions, and the Studio Theatre for student-directed productions. Included in the program are African American and Chicano/Latino Theatre productions that make this department unique in the State University System.