Spring 2018: Theatre Auditions

General Auditions: December 4th, 4-9pm

Callbacks: December 5th, 6-10pm

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Audition Information, scripts, casting details, etc can all be found on the first page of the Audition Registration Form.


General Auditions: Monday, December 4th, 4-9pm


Callback Schedule

(Callbacks are announced following general auditions)

Tuesday, December 5th 6-10pm: Midsummer (University Theatre) & Les Blancs (Playwrights' Theatre)

Audition Material Prep:

  1. Memorize and prepare a 1-minute contemporary monolougue preferrably from a canonical America play (African American plays are also considered "American").
  2. Read "Midsummer" script a minimum of 2 times and select a character for whom you believe you are most appropriate. Based on your decision, prepare one audition monologue that will showcase you at your best. Follow these monologue guidelines:
    1. Select from the Classical Repertoire, preferably one of Shakespeare's Comedies
    2. Read the play your monologue is from and know the character history
    3. Monoglues must be memorized and 1.5-2 minutes in length (max)
    4. Demonstrate specific character development and through-line of thought within the audition piece
    5. Demonstrate excellent use of the English language and diction
    6. Do your homework and your best to pronounce the Characters' names correctly
  3. Please carefully review the audition information and casting details created by both Directors as it contains important rehearsal date information, character analyses, professional practices, etc. Those materials can be found below under "Scripts and Casting Details"


Important Info:

  • Report to the stage managers outside Shasta 132 at least 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the audition.
  • Auditions will be Open to the Public, but priority will be given to students of the Sac State Department of Theatre and Dance attempting to fulfill the THEA 121 requirement

Audition Workshop

Monday, November 20th, 4:30-5pm (Playwrights' Theatre)

Scripts & Casting Details



Recommended sites for Midsummer script: 


(Les Blancs script copies available for check-out in Theatre Office)