Dramatist Society

The Dramatist Society is a CSU, Sacramento Department of Theatre & Dance theatre support and appreciation club which is open to anyone with a love for theatre.

Each year the Dramatist Society hosts an end of the season Banquet during which awards for the most outstanding actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, director, original play, new comer, set design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, as well as many others, are given.

Club activities include: Theatre outings (From: San Francisco to Tahoe, Los Angeles to Ashland), concession sales for the Sac State Department of Theatre & Dance productions, hosting opening night parties for the Sac State Department of Theatre & Dance productions, regular "Bell, Book and Bake" sales, supporting student (directed/acted/designed/written) productions, active participation in the education and encouragement of grade school and high school students toward live theatre, and active participation in the Sac State Department of Theatre & Dance's Lenaea Festival.

The Dramatist Society meets once a week in Shasta Hall Green Room. Meetings are scheduled, by the members, during the first month of each semester. For further information call: (916) 278-6368.