Mission Statement

The California State University, Sacramento Department of Theatre and Dance provides a broad and thorough foundation of the history, theory, literature and the practice of theatre and dance to students who wish to pursue post graduate studies or join the profession. The Department of Theatre and Dance offers an imaginative and ambitious program of historical and contextual studies supported by studio and production work. Our mission challenges our students to be independent thinkers. Our department provides a collaborative, artistic environment that reflects a richly complex and diverse global perspective complimented by national and international faculty and staff experience.

For the undergraduate program, specific goals are as follows:

  • To educate students concerning the relationship between theatre, dance and the history of culture, human values, and the liberal arts tradition.
  • To provide specific skills development appropriate to the discipline for the training of those who wish to teach theatre or dance, those who will seek advanced training or eventual professional employment, and those who will use their theatre/dance training in community settings and other cultural service areas.
  • To train students in the application of theory and analysis toward the goal of actual organized practices of production.
  • To provide through the production program an experience of all major historical styles over a period of time such that all students benefit from the cultural richness of the theatrical heritage.
  • To foster the development of such methodological competencies as flexibility in problem-solving, independent thought and creativity, accurate and effective communication within the discipline, and systematic approaches to such skills as acting, directing, criticism, design, choreography and technique.