Institutional Members of the National Dance Educators Organization (NDEO)
and the American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA).


Dance Program Handbook


Majors in the Dance Concentration receive in-depth training in dance technique, performance, production, choreography, theory, dance history and dance education.

Offering a comprehensive program of study, the Dance Concentration starts with the basic principles of dance technique and refines them through the choreographic and theoretic processes, culminating in the creation of full-scale concert productions. Students in the program are involved at every level of the creative process.

Graduates with the degree in Dance can pursue careers in dance performance and choreography. The program also provides a strong foundation for graduate study in dance performance, choreography, cultural dance forms and/or dance education. Graduates of the Sacramento State Dance Program currently serve in every area of dance education from studios and grade schools to colleges and universities. Other graduates have successfully pursued careers in dance performance, musical theatre and choreography.

Through internships, Dance Concentration majors are given the opportunity to work with professional dance companies on concerts produced at the campus. Each year, at least one regional professional company is in residence at the campus and the program invites nationally acclaimed guest artists to provide workshops for the majors.

Students may also take advantage of internships that allow them to teach and/or choreograph for student companies at area high schools and dance studios.