Advice for Students from Students 

If you intend to satisfy the CSU entry level Math and English requirements by passing the ELM and EPT Exams, listen to some CSU first year students talk about preparing for these exams and what happened to them when they didn't pass. 

The CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) is designed to let you know if you are prepared for college Math and English. Listen to the benefits of EAP.

English Placment Test (EPT)

Cherise is taking remedial English classes after not passing the EPT. She advises students to take the EPT seriously to avoid such classes

Emal feels he did not prepare well for the test. Listen to what he recommends to students to help them with the EPT.

Natalie plans on majoring in Nursing. She thought high school English would prepare her for the EPT, but she did not pass. She advises high school students to take summer classes any pay attention in their English classes. 

Zachery says he's not a strong essay writer and did not pass the EPT. He feels he should have prepared himself by seeking out useful information about the EPT prior to taking the test.

Entry Level Mathematics Test (ELM)

Nicole is spending a year in remediation just to be able to sign up for Math 45, a required course for her major.

Jason regrets not taking the ELM Exam seriously. He now has to spend time in remedial Math, rather than working on courses for his major.

Brenda took Honors Trigonometry in high school, but didn't prepare for the ELM Exam. She is now in remedial Math and says it's very slow and covers middle school material.

Dan says some of the Math in his remedial college course is at an 8th grade level. Hear his opinion of a remedial math class.