Spring 2014 Syllabi 

Econ 1A: Intro to Macroeconomic Analysis

Econ 1A/2 w/Dr. Wang

Econ 1A/3 w/Dr. Wang

Econ 1A/4 w/Dr. Ford

Econ 1A/5 w/Dr. Ford

Econ 1A/6 with Prof. Eastman

Econ 1A/7 with Dr. Thaw

Econ 1B: Intro to Microeconomic Analysis

Econ 1B/4 w/Dr. Lang

Econ 1B/5 w/Dr. Bojanic

Econ 1B/6 w/Dr. Sexton

Econ 1B/7 w/Dr. Sexton

Econ 1B/8 w/Dr. Bojanic

Econ 1B/9 w/Dr. Perez

Econ 100A: Intermediate Macro Theory

Econ100A/1 w/Dr. Van Gaasbeck

Econ 100A/2 w/Dr. Siegler

Econ 100A/3 w/Dr. Van Gaasbeck

Econ 100A/4 w/Dr. Siegler

Econ 100B: Intermediate Micro Theory

Econ 100B/1 w/Dr. Dube

Econ 100B/2 w/Dr. Rosario

Econ 101: History of Economic Thought

Econ 101/1 w/Prof. Dowell

Econ 110: Cost Benefit Analysis

Econ 110/1 w/Dr. Kelly

Econ 112: European Economic History

Econ 112/1 w/Prof. Dowell

Econ 113: Economic History of the US

Econ 113/3 w/Dr. Schwarm

Econ 113/4 w/Dr. Siegler

Econ 114: California Economy

Econ 114/1 w/Dr. Jouganatos

Econ 123: Resource Economics

Econ 123/1 w/Dr. Kelly

Econ 130: Public Finance

Econ 130/1 w/Dr. Chalmers

Econ 135: Money + Banking

Econ 135/1 w/Dr. Jouganatos

Econ 140: Quantitative Econ Analysis

Econ 140/1 w/Dr. Rosario

Econ 140/2 w/Dr. O'Keefe

Econ 140/3 w/Dr. Rosario

Econ 141: Intro to Econometrics

Econ 141/1 w/Dr. Bojanic

Econ 145: Econ Research Methods

Econ 145/1 w/Dr. Rosario

Econ 145/2 w/Dr. Van Gaasbeck

Econ 145/3 w/Prof. Dowell

Econ 145/4 w/Dr. Jouganatos

Econ 145/5 w/Dr. Thaw

Econ 145/6 w/Dr. Kaplan

Econ 162: Energy Economics

Econ 162/1 w/Dr. Kelly

Econ 181: Economics of Racism

Econ 181/1 w/Dr. Chalmers

Econ 192: International Finance

Econ 192/1 w/Dr. Thaw

Econ 193: Development Economics

Econ 193/1 w/Dr. Dube

Econ 200A: Adv Macroeconomic Theory

Econ 200A/1 w/Dr. Ford

Econ 200B: Adv Microeconomic Theory

Econ 200B/1 w/Dr. Kiesel

Econ 213: US Econ Historical Perspective

Econ 213/1 w/Dr. Wang