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Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Contact Information


The following is a list of the English department's full-time, tenured and tenure-track faculty. Each of these faculty members serves as an English faculty advisor and can be contacted for information about English major or minor requirements.

Additionally, some faculty serve as coordinators for one or more department programs. These coordinators can be contacted for information about their programs.

The department chair oversees the opperations of the entire English department with the assistance of the two vice chairs. If you have a question that you feel can't be addressed by the department staff, the faculty advisors, or one of the program coordinators, you can contact the chair or one of the vice chairs for assistance.

Please note: Office hours are current for Fall 2014. CLV refers to Calaveras hall, DH refers to Douglass Hall, and LSN refers to Lassen Hall. All phone numbers should be prefaced with "916-278-".


Name Email Office Phone Office Hours Coordinators
  Title Degree, University - Areas of Interest
BUCHANAN, Brad CLV 117 6492 MW 12-1PM; R 2-3  
  Professor Ph.D., Stanford - British and Postcolonial literature
CHING, Robby CLV 163 6404 by appointment  
  Professor M.A., UC Berkeley - TESOL, internships
CLARK, John DH 202 6560 TR 1:30-2:45PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., Georgetown - linguistics, TESOL
COPE, Jonas CLV 157 5720 TR 3-4:15PM  
  Asst. Professor Ph.D., University of Missouri - British Romanticism
DUNSTAN, Angus CLV 145A 5269 TR 9:15-10:15AM, 1:30-2:30PM  
  Professor Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara - English education
FANETTI, Susan CLV 153 5734 on sabbatical Fall 2014 Vice Chair, Pre-Credential Advisor
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., St. Louis University - English education
GIEGER, Jason DH 204 7284 M 1:20-2:20PM, 4:30-5PM; T 5:30-6:15PM; W 5:30-6:15PM  
  Professor Ph.D., Rutgers - British literature
HEATHER, Julian CLV 138 5394 MW 3:30-4:15PM; TR 12:30-1:15PM  
  Professor Ph.D., University of Arizona - TESOL, applied linguistics
HECKATHORN, Amy CLV 107 5729 MW 2-3PM Writing Programs Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., Texas Christian University - composition
KOMIYAMA, Reiko CLV 162 5727 TR 3-4PM; W 1:30-2:30PM TESOL Coordinator
  Asst. Professor Ph.D., Northern Arizona University - applied linguistics, ESL/EFL
LEE, Hellen CLV 113 6371 MW 3-3:45PM Vice Chair
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., UC San Diego - late 19th/early 20th c. US literature, multi-ethnic US literature, cultural studies
MADDEN, David CLV 156 5623 MW 10:30-11:30AM, 6-6:30PM  
  Professor Ph.D., UC Davis - American and Irish literature
McKINNEY, Joshua DH 201 6386 MWF 8-8:50AM Creative Writing Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., University of Denver - creative writing, literature
MELZER, Dan CLV 151 6925 T 3-4PM Writing Center Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., Florida State University - composition
RICE, Doug DH 218 5435 on sabbatical Fall 2014  
  Professor M.A., Duquesne University - creative writing
RIDLEY, Chauncey DH 216 6128 teaches Spring only  
  Professor Ph.D., Michigan State University - American and ethnic literature
SEO, Mi-Suk CLV 158 5735 TR 1:30-2:30PM; W 4:30-5:30PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - TESOL
SWEET, Nancy DH 217 7704 MW 3-3:45PM; T 12-12:45PM  
  Assoc. Professor Ph.D., Columbia - 19th c. American literature, American women's writing, American Gothic
TOISE, David CLV 106 6586 MWR 1:30-2:30; T 5-6PM Department Chair, Graduate Coordinator
  Professor Ph.D., Rutgers - British literature
WANLASS, Susan CLV 155 5732 T 12-12:30PM, 3:10-3:50PM; R 12:45-1:15PM, 3:40-4:15PM  
  Professor Ph.D., North Carolina, Chapel Hill - American literature, composition
YEN, Julie CLV 160 6176 MW 2:50-3:40PM  
  Professor Ph.D., Brown - British literature, critical theory, Asian American literature, composition
ZARINS, Kim CLV 159 6431 TR 1:20-2:20PM Sigma Tau Delta Advisor, Internships Coordinator
  Asst. Professor Ph.D., Cornell University - Medieval and children's literature