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Student Employment Opportunities

The English department Student Personnel Committee invites applications for the following Fall 2017 student positions:

Job Title Type Salary
ENGL 1X Tutorial Instructor ISA $12.50/hour, 3+ hours/week
ENGL 109X Tutorial Instructor ISA $12.50/hour, 3+ hours/week
Graduate Facilitator for Large Lecture Classes (ENGL 16, 40A, or 50A) ISA $12.50/hour, up to 108 hours/semester
Teaching Associate TA $627.00/month for 6 months per class section
University Reading & Writing Center Graduate Associate Coordinator GA $529/month for 5 months for 10 hours/week
University Reading & Writing Center Tutor ISA $12.50/hour, 1-10 hours per week


The Writing Programs Office invites applications for the following Fall 2017-Spring 2018 student position:

Job Title Type Salary
GWAR Student Assistant SA $12.50/hour, approximately 30 hours/semester


Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Student Employment

The university sets minimum eligibility requirements for all student employees. Only students who meet all of these requirements--as well as any additional requirements set by the department (listed in the individual job descriptions on the student employment ad and GWAR Student Assistant flyer)--will be hired.

To ensure enrollment requirements are met, applicants are advised to enroll during the early registration period.

  Undergraduate Students Graduate Students

-Enrolled in a Sac State degree program (not including Open University).
-Sac State employees are NOT eligible.

Enrollment -Enrolled in 6-15 units. -Enrolled in 4-12 units. OR
-Enrolled in a culminating experience course (ENGL 500, 500C, or 598T). OR
-Paid fees for continuous enrollment (ENGL 599).
GPA -Minimum 2.5 GPA
--2.25 for newly admitted students
-Minimum 3.0 GPA
--2.75 for newly admitted students (TA/GA positions)
--2.5 for newly admitted students (ISA positions)
Incomplete Grades -Must satisfy any incomplete 'I' grades two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester for which they are hired.
International Students -International students must meet certain visa requirements to be eligible to work on campus.


How to Apply

For all student positions except the GWAR Student Assistant position:

  1. Complete an English Department Student Employment Application and required attachments (described in Section III of the application form). Applicants need only submit one department application regardless of the number of positions for which they are applying.
  2. Complete an appropriate University application for each desired position:
  3. Submit all completed forms and attachments to Calaveras 103 by the application deadline listed below.

Please note: If you are currently working for the English department and would like to return to your current position, you will still need to reapply as outlined above. However, you will not be required to resubmit a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, or transcripts. Please see the English Department Student Employment Application form for complete instructions.


To apply for the GWAR Student Assistant position: Submit a cover letter and resume to Angela Arnold either by email ( or in person (CLV 101).


Application Deadline

Application forms and attachments are due by 4PM on Monday, March 27, 2017.

The GWAR Student Assistant position is open until filled.


For More Information

Download our student employment ad for complete job descriptions, job duties, hours, and compensation information. If you have further questions, please visit Calaveras 102 or call 916-278-5747.

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Faculty Employment Opportunities

Please visit the Office of Human Resources website for information on faculty vacancies:

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