English Department Teaching Associate Program

The syllabi, assignments, and other handouts available on this website were created by English Teaching Associates. This website acts as a virtual program manual and research information portal. Teaching Associates at CSU Sacramento are graduate students hired to teach either English 1 (Basic Writing), English 1A (College Composition), or English 2 (College Composition for Multilingual Students). They are well-trained in the field of composition and rhetoric, having rigorously studied both theory and pedagogy. Obtaining a Teaching Associate position satisfies one of the requirements for the Certificate in Teaching Composition in College and gives graduate students invaluable experience in teaching at the college level. If you are interested in the Teaching Associate Program, please email the supervisor.

Supervisor: Dr. Amy Heckathorn


Current Instructors:

Araceli Badilla English 1A
Krisi Brown English 1
Melissa Diaz English 1A
Heather Donovan English 1A
Sonya Hale English 1A
Bridget Mabunga English 1A
Katie Miller English 1A
Brigitte Rabie English 2
Chris Rose English 1A
Michael Sutcliffe English 1A