Emergency Notification Systems

ENS Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Sacramento State Emergency Notification System (ENS) enables Sacramento State to use a variety of methods to provide emergency notification which include e-mail, text and/or voice messaging. Please be advised that in any given emergency, the ENS may send a notification via one or all of these methods, however, Sacramento State does not guarantee that an emergency notification will be sent to you via e-mail or mobile phone. Furthermore, the timeliness of the delivery or receipt of any ENS message sent to you via email or mobile phone may be affected by a number of factors including limitations of your email and/or mobile phone service providers.

The mobile phone number and electronic mail (e-mail) you provide will be used by Sacramento State for (1) emergency notifications for all students; and (2) critical messaging for those students who selected that option. Unless otherwise required by law, the contact information you provide will not be utilized for other purposes.

You are responsible for keeping your ENS contact information current. You should review your contact information periodically to ensure accuracy, as you are responsible for any needed updates.

You are solely responsible for maintaining access to any mobile telephone and personal e-mail accounts identified by you. Sacramento State is not responsible for unavailable or incompatible mobile telephones or personal data devices.

By providing your mobile telephone number and/or private e-mail address, you authorize Sacramento State to send you e-mails and/or text/voice messages as part of the ENS and you agree to accept and all financial responsibility associated with receiving such messages. Sacramento State ENS is a free service, however, your mobile telephone carrier and/or internet provider may charge you for any SMS text messages, voice messages, or data transmissions. Please refer to your service provider for additional cost information.