Cheyene Keniston at the STORC Aquaponics Greenhouse

Earth Day 2014

Cheyene Keniston at the STORC Aquaponics Greenhouse on Earth Day 2014.

Envrionmental Studies 121 Field Trip

ENVS Field Trip

Students on a field trip for ENVS 121, Field Methods in Environmental Science, triangulating their position with a compass and map.

Nelson Mmbando wins the This Way to Sustainability Award

Sustainability Award

Nelson Mmbando won first place at the This Way to Sustainability Greenie Awards. The Greenie Awards were part of the March 2014 conference at which Nelson presented his recently built aquaponics system.

James Carlson

Bay-Delta Conservation Plan Comments

ENVS senior Jimmy Carlson recently analyzed the draft Bay-Delta Conservation Plan and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the plan and submitted formal public comments to the state of California and the National Marine Fisheries Service on the plan and impact statement.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Environmental Studies at California State University, Sacramento, is to prepare students to understand and address environmental problems in their political, economic, social, ethical, and scientific contexts. We promote the use of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research, and we encourage the development of strong writing, research, and quantitative skills that give students the ability to identify the causes and consequences of human influence on the environment and to work toward sustainable solutions to complex environmental problems.