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Frequently Asked Questions Related to EOP

What are the eligibility requirements for the Educational Opportunity Program?

EOP applicants must be low-income undergraduate students who are California residents or qualify for an AB540 non-resident tuition exemption and are disadvantaged because of their economic and educational backgrounds. Applicants meet the income guidelines listed on our webpage or the EOP application booklet and be a first generation college student (parents do not have a college degree).
In addition, EOP applicants must demonstrate academic potential and motivation to succeed in college. Applicants demonstrate their motivation through the autobiographical questions and academic record. In addition, Sacramento State EOP requires all freshmen applicants to participate in the Summer Bridge Academy(SBA). Information regarding SBA will be sent to you after we receive your EOP application. This is a 6 week summer program held during the first week of July through the first week of August .
Visit our website www.csus.edu/eop for more information

How do I apply to EOP??

First you must apply for admission to Sacramento State before applying to EOP!

Complete the EOP section in the admissions application (section 11) and submit your online Sacramento State Admissions Application online through www.csumentor.edu/

Once you submit your Admissions application, CSU Mentor will automatically determine your eligibility and send you an immediate response to ask if you wish to begin the EOP application. If you indicate that you are ready to begin, you will automatically receive access to an EOP Application. All information is completed on-line.

Note:EOP Letters of Recommendation will be required at a later date and are due January 15, 2015.

When is the EOP Admissions Application deadline?

October 1st – November 30th PRIORITY deadline.

Does EOP accept AB-540 students?

Yes. EOP accepts California residents and AB540 students who meet the Income Eligibility Index, and who are First-Generation College Students.

Can I send photocopies of my EOP application?


How do I send out letter of recommendations to referrers?

Preferably via;
E-MAIL on CSU Mentor.
FAX: (916) 278-5491


Education Opportunity Program (EOP)
California State University, Sacramento
EOP 6000 J Street LSN 2205
Sacramento, CA 95819-6068

When will I receive my EOP Admissions Letter?

You will receive an email between March 1st – April 1st


A transcript with all high school courses completed in a “SEALED” envelope.

Can I be admitted to the University and not to EOP?

Yes. EOP admits a small number of applicants and the University admits a large number of freshmen.

Can I be admitted to EOP and not to the University?

No. If EOP admits you to the program, your admissions application will be reviewed by the Admissions & Outreach Office.

Is EOP Summer Bridge Academy Mandatory for admitted incoming Freshmen?

Yes. All incoming EOP freshmen are required to participate in Summer Bridge Academy. The academy begins on June 29 and ends on August 6, 2015.

Can I be admitted to EOP in the spring semester?

No. We only accept incoming students in the fall semester.

Do I need to reapply to EOP every year?

NO. Once you’re an EOP student, you’re always an EOP student.

Can I still receive EOP support services, if I can no longer get financial aid or the EOP grant aid?

Yes. All services will be available to you throughout your enrollment at Sacramento State.

Can I be removed from the EOP program?

Yes. You must maintain full-time enrollment in order to remain in EOP.

Do I need to maintain full-time status to get the EOP grant?

Yes. Full-time status is equivalent to 12 units.

How do I qualify for an EOP grant?

As a student participating in the EOP program, students who qualify for financial aid may be eligible to receive the EOP grant (EOPG). The EOP grant is determined by the Financial Aid Office and awarded based on student need and funding. To be considered, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is available at www.fafsa.ed.gov

For more information about the EOP Grant click here.

Are the placement exams, ELM/EPT, mandatory?

Yes. You must take the February or March placement exams in order to be eligible for admissions to EOP. You will not be reviewed for EOP if you take these at a later date. Some students may be EXEMPT from these assessments, to read more about ELM/EPT Exemptions go to: http://www.ets.org/csu/about

Where do I register for the placement exams?

Students can register at: http://www.ets.org/csu/about

Is orientation mandatory?

YES! For more information, go to http://www.csus.edu/orientation/

If I am a student in EOP, where do I go for academic advising and support services on campus?

The EOP office is located in Lassen Hall 2205. We have an open door policy. You can meet with a counselor on a walk-in basis or schedule an appointment by calling (916) 278-6183.

Is there a separate application for the Summer Bridge Academy Program?

No. You will be given access to the Summer Bridge Academy packet and EOP Verification Form, if you are admitted to EOP in March. All incoming EOP Freshmen students are required to participate in the 6 week program. For more information about SBA visit www.csus.edu/eop/sb