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Frequently Asked Questions Related to EOP

Who can participate in Summer Bridge?

SBA is mandatory for all incoming Sac State first-time freshmen who are admitted to EOP.

How much does Summer Bridge cost?

Similar to a scholarship, the Summer Bridge Academy is a FREE six-week program! We provide textbooks for students who are admitted to the program.

How long is Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge is a six-week intensive academic program. Program runs from early June 30 through August 9th.

What are the courses offered during the summer?

SBA offers the following courses:English, Math, a GE course, and a Leadership course. Students are placed in courses based on their ELM/EPT scores.

Do I get credit for passing the courses?

Students who pass the courses offered in Summer Bridge will get college credits.

Can I work while participating in the program?

We highly recommend that students do not work during Summer Bridge since students will have an intense, full-time academic work load.

Does Summer Bridge provide housing?

NO, Summer Bridge does NOT provide housing. Students are responsible for locating, securing, inspecting, and paying for their own living accommodations and transportation during the 6-week program.

I have been admitted to EOP, what classes will I be taking during Summer Bridge?

You will be placed in Mathematics and English courses based on your ELM and EPT scores. We also will offer a General Education course(3 units) and a Leadership Course. Other courses to be determined.

I have been admitted to Summer Bridge and I am confused about registering for Orientation, what should I do?

You must register for the June 30 Orientation through the office website (http://www.csus.edu/orientation/index.html). June 30th is designed for Summer Bridge students. If admitted to Summer Bridge, EOP will pay for a portion of your Orientation Fee (for this date ONLY). Check your Sacramento State email account (SacLink) daily for more information regarding the mandatory New Student Orientation program.