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EOP wants you to succeed and to know that “you are always a part of the family”. We have developed a new program called the “ARISE Project” designed to assist undergraduate students achieve their educational goals. We attempt to do this by providing assistance in various areas such as involvement in the campus community and reconnecting with the EOP program. ARISE stands for “Aiming Retention Intensive Services for Excellence”. It utilizes the hot air balloon and sun rays in its logo to symbolize an idea of positive outlook, an uplifting spirit, and helping others. The program is comprised of several components ranging from academic advising to personal development and community engagement. The services provided by the program are geared specifically for second year and above students, however any member of our EOP family may take advantage of all the benefits that it has to offer. These services include:

  • A major and career exploration program called “Explorations” designed to help students who may be undecided or “mis-declared”
  • An advising component consisting of EOP counselling staff, the faculty staff mentor program, and EOP graduate interns
  • A peer mentoring component called the “EOP Retention Ambassadors Program”
  • Interdepartmental collaboration with organizations such as CAMP, MEP and Cooper Woodson
  • Tips on financing your education
  • Academic support services to help with getting off probation and recovery from disqualification
  • Study tips, guides and recommendations to help you improve your grades
  • Tutoring services for the continuing student

The ARISE site attempts to keep up with the growing trends of social networking and user experiences. The site will enable you to:

  • Create your own profile, upload pictures and files, view and contact other members of the ARISE community
  • View information about the retention ambassadors program, graduate interns and tutors including bios and availability
  • Send messages, schedule tutoring and mentoring appointments online
  • Receive important updates and announcements from EOP
  • Receive notices regarding upcoming events and workshops and how to sign up online
  • Receive advertisements and newsletters of what is happening in the EOP community and the campus

Other features soon to be included in the site are:

  • View images, slideshows and videos of the activities of EOP
  • “Ask a question” or discussion forums
  • User “chat”
  • View and critique member articles and blogs
  • Facebook integration and our very own EOP FACEBOOK page
  • Surveys and assessments

To learn more about the EOP ARISE project, its services and more about “getting involved”, visit: www.sacsteopretention.org/


Contact:  EOP office at 916-278-6183 or by email eop-01@saclink.csus.edu

Jerry L. Blake
EOP Counselor and Retention Coordinator