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Alumni Students

Welcome EOP Alumni!

We have developed this website specifically for you to keep connected with the EOP family at Sacramento State and other EOP alumnus.

As an EOP alumni, you are still an integral part of the EOP family. We are dedicated to bring you up-to-date with EOP and our activities. Knowing that it takes a community of people to make a difference, you play a vital role in EOP, your local communities, and the world at large.

Over the years, EOP has grown tremendously and still today continues to provide academic, personal, career, and financial support for students. You can now give back and make a positive difference to another EOP student’s life that follows in your footstep through mentoring, workshops, volunteering your time and resources. Our plans are to include our alumni in future EOP celebrations and banquets, mentoring programs, EOP activities, and as valuable resources to our students. Your participation and continuous support to the EOP program are deeply appreciated. “Once an EOP, always an EOP.” This website is dedicated to providing alumni(s) with:

  • Professional, social, and community engagement connection with other alumni and to the EOP program.
  • Updates on EOP activities, accomplishments, and services.
  • Opportunity to contribute to EOP mission of continued growth.
  • Contribute to the program with “gift giving” to help the program and students to achieve their educational and professional goals.

Your success stories are the ones that must be told. EOP staffs are accustomed to hearing student success stories. They create a sense of pride. Yet alumni are the best evidence why EOP has continued to serve in its mission. We would love to hear from you on what you have been doing since your EOP days here at Sac State! Please write us to let us know about your educational, career, and family adventures. We do not want to lose touch with you – please help us by updating your information.

We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to stay connected to the EOP family and the alumni community.

We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in supporting or donating back to the EOP program, please contact me at (916) 278-6183 to discuss in detail.


Sai Xiong, EOP Counselor