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Enrolling in the LC

  1. Select a learning community from the EOP Learning Community Listing.
    (Note: You must have EPT/ELM scores to register in classes).
  2. Be sure to select a community that fits your intended major and/or interests. If you are undeclared, pick a learning community that matches your interests and in some cases your English writing level.
    (All of the communities meet the University’s general education requirements).
  3. Select a Math and English course to add to your schedule that does not conflict with your learning community.
    To do this, you will need to access the Sac State Fall 2017 schedule on-line through My Sac State and select sections that have seats available.
  4. Record the Class Numbers for your English and Math classes on the learning community worksheet with your actual community.
  5. On the second day of orientation, add the EOP Learning Community Classes first and then your additional classes through My Sac State.
  6. Preview your schedule to make sure you added the correct courses.
  7. Review your schedule with an EOP Counselor before leaving orientation once you have completed your schedule in the computer lab.

Note:Your enrollment in the learning community is a program requirement. If you fail to register in a learning community, your course schedule will be modified by the program.