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Frequently Asked Questions Related to EOP Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

A Learning community is a cohort of courses based on the English Placement Test (EPT) scores or majors. The Learning Communities are a mix of Learning Skills classes and General Education (GE) courses that satisfy graduation requirements.

Do I have to enroll in a Learning Community?

Yes, all EOP students are required to enroll in a Learning Community.

How do I enroll in my Learning community?

Take the EPT and ELM, sign-up for orientation, attend orientation and the EOP session and then on the second day of orientation you will register in classes in designated computer labs.

What are my choices for a Learning Community?

Students are offered a choice of 14 different Learning Communities. For a more complete listing of learning community descriptions, please view the detailed descriptions on this website.

Will I have a tutor in the Learning Community?

Yes, each Learning Community is linked with a 39B tutorial class. The 39B is designed to help students navigate through their GE course content. As an EOP student you will also have the opportunity to meet with your 39B instructor on a one-on-one basis during the first semester.

Will all my classes be in the Learning Community?

No, English and Math courses will be outside of the Learning communities. These classes are based upon students EPT/ELM scores.

Can I combine different classes from different Learning Communities?

No, All classes listed in a Learning Community must be taken together.

Will I be in the Learning Community all year long?

No, the EOP Learning Communities are offered only in the 1st semester of a student’s freshman year. However, you will take an Ethnic 98 course in the Spring semester with your EOP peers.

Do the Learning Community classes meet GE requirements?

Courses numbered LS 1 through LS 49 are basic skills courses. These courses carry workload credit and may be counted only toward establishing full-time enrollment status. Basic skills course units are not applicable to the bachelor’s degree. Courses numbered LS 50 through LS 199 carry regular bachelor’s degree credits.

I don’t want to be in a Learning community, can I get out of the Learning Community?

No, Students in EOP are required under the Student Agreement form to participate in a Learning Community, which are the terms you agreed to upon admission.

If I don’t like the Learning Community I picked, can I enroll in another?

Yes, only if there is space available in that Learning Community. Often after classes have begun Learning Community GE courses are filled to capacity. However, students are given a chance to pick their top three choices of a learning community. You are encouraged to sign-up for orientation early to ensure you have the opportunity to enroll in your learning community of choice.

If my Learning Community conflicts with my work, is there a way to work my learning community around my work schedule?

Yes, only under special circumstances.

If I am having trouble registering, what should I do?

Contact the EOP Office at (916) 278-6183 and ask to speak with a Counselor. You are also encouraged to use the Student tutorials and to be sure to clear any holds on your records. Remember, that you must attend orientation in order to register for classes.