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THE MIGRANT EXPERIENCE: THE ART OF ACTING - must be a College Assistance Migrant Student (CAMP)

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Pre-requisites: You must be an admitted College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Student for Fall 2015.


Our learning community provides the opportunity for students to enjoy learning collaboratively with others while developing an appreciation of acting. Students will be provided with experiences and discussions that will help them better understand the diversity of the human community. As they master the knowledge they need to succeed in their college life, they will look deeply into themselves as learners, as leaders and as members of their communities. Students will also choose and perform a monologue that expresses their world view or their cultural influence. They will explore the role of culture and diversity through discussion of the Stanislavsky Method of Acting. The marriage of both the Theater 9 course and the First Year Seminar course will assist students in developing a healthy understanding of themselves culturally, academically, and serves to prepare them for the challenges of their next semesters.

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