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Learning Community #7:

THE SCIENCE EDUCATIONAL EQUITY LEARNING COMMUNITY - must be a science major or intend to go into a health profession


Pre-requisites: This community is recommended for students who are in a science major or with plans to enter the pre-health professions. Students who are not majoring in the sciences will not be allowed to enroll in this learning community.


This learning community will help prepare students for careers in the sciences and the health professions. Students will acquire skills in effective communication and will learn approaches to a variety of communication experiences. This community will also focus on developing skills and values needed to become scientists and health care providers who will contribute to society. How do you find out what interests and strengths will lead to success in the sciences or the health professions? How do you begin to master all the information that a scientist or health provider must understand? How do you become aware of society’s needs? How do you decide which needs are most important and which ones you can best help others to meet? As a community we will work together to answer these questions.

Community 7:

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