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Pre-requisites: You must score into English-10 in order to be in community 9. Students not in English 10 wishing to enroll in this community that have a higher EPT score placement should elect community 9A.


You are invited to be a part of the Educational Opportunity Program’s Pan-African Learning Community. Pan-Africanism is a movement of solidarity among the nations of Africa, most particularly Black Africa. The Pan-African perspective is one of common cause with citizens of other African nations, as a result of shared history and shared struggle against a number of threats and challenges, among them: racism, white supremacy, slavery, colonialist exploitation, neocolonialism, and imperialism. The community consists of a cohort of classes including: First Year Seminar (ETHN 21), Introduction to Pan African Studies (ETHN 70), an English course and the strategies of learning course for the GE class (ALS 70A). As a participant in this exciting EOP learning community, you will build community and develop goals in an environment with students of similar backgrounds such as: family upbringing, cultural values, socio-economic status and educational experience to foster long-term academic and career success. This learning community will extend from your fall Ethnic Studies 21 course (First Year Seminar) through the spring Ethnic Studies 98 course (Transitions). In the fall courses you will develop and exercise fundamental learning strategies, to improve basic learning skills, and to develop as an integrated social and psychological individual. In the spring you will develop skills needed for career, academic and personal transition into college. Through these courses, which include class activities, research, interviews, co-curricular activities, program activities and personal appointments, your experiences should result in a comfortable goal for yourself academically and professionally.

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