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Frequently Asked Questions Related to EOP Transfer Learning Communities

When do I apply for EOP?

A October 1st thru November 30th is the priority filing period. You must apply for admission to Sacramento State before applying to EOP. We encourage you to apply early, spaces are limited.

What qualifies me to participate in EOP?

Applicants must meet the income criteria (See applying to EOP on home page) as well as meet all regular transfer admissions criteria for CSU.

Can students from any community college apply to EOP at CSUS?

Applicants from local service area are given priority (Los Rios/Sierra) though applicants from other schools will be considered as well.

Can I apply to EOP for the spring semester?

No. EOP only accepts applicants in the fall.

Can I apply on-line to EOP?

No, as a transfer student you may NOT apply online to EOP. You MUST apply using a hard copy EOP application. This application can be found by visiting our website www.csus.edu/eop.You can use CSUMentor to apply to CSUS but not EOP.

When do I submit my Recommendation Forms?

Please submit them no later than June 30th – TRANSFER ONLY.

Who completes the Recommendation Forms?

The Recommendation forms can be filled out by your EOPS Counselor, Faculty from your Comm. College, employers’ or pastors.

What services does EOP offer transfer students?

  • Will be reviewed for eligibility of EOP Grant Learning Community Course (optional)
  • Academic Advising /General Counseling
  • Faculty Mentoring Services
  • Tutoring and WPJ Assistance
  • Career Workshops and Services
  • Community Building Activities and Services
  • Computer Lab

Do I receive a grant for participating in the EOP program?

Yes. Dependent upon eligibility and availability of funds.

Do I receive a stipend for participating in the EOP Learning Community?

Yes. Dependent upon your financial need, a stipend will be issued by our Financial Aid office.

Do the Learning community classes fulfill GE or major?

The courses in the EOP Learning Community will fulfill 6 units of upper-division General Education courses. All transfer students must complete 9 units of upper-division coursework IN RESIDENCE.

How do I enroll in the Learning Community?

You must contact EOP directly, Call 278-6183 and ask to speak with a counselor. If you are allowed to enroll in the Community, EOP will enroll you in the courses administratively.

When do I receive notice of admission to EOP?

After the University sends you an official Admissions letter, you will be notified by the EOP office of your acceptance to the program.