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Family & Consumer Sciences


    Pre-Semester Office Hours for 1.18, 1.19, 1.20.2017 for all concentrations:

    FAMS-Dr. Cook: 1.19.2017: 9-10am

    FASH-Dr. Shen: 1.19.2017-10:30-11:30am; Dr. Kang: 1.19.2017-4-5pm

    NUFD-Dr. Buchan: 1.19.2017-10:30-11:30am; Dr. Hanna: 1.19.2017-4-5pm; Dr. Mulasi: 1.18.2017-10-11am; Dr. Shilts: 1.19.2017-8:45-9:45am; Dr. Thompson: 1.18.17-11-noon; Dr. Wie: 1.18.2017-11-noon

    PRE-CREDENTIAL-Dr. Malroutu: 1.19.2017-1-2pm

    Bachelor's Degree Graduation Requirements Checklist

    Library at night
  • The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is committed to the following goals:

    • To prepare students to become successful and informed professionals in their chosen field and to thrive in a diverse national and global society 
    • To provide a high quality, current, and progressive academic program utilizing appropriate technologies
    • To integrate issues and topics of diversity, globalization, public policy, scholarship and community service learning in our academic programs
    • To include practical experience in prospective employment settings to enhance learning and qualifications for entry-level positions
    • To participate in the CSUS General Education program as a way to serve a broad range of students by offering a variety of courses in the FACS disciplines
    • To support faculty and student development and scholarly activities


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