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••University Forms

Add/Drop Petition -
For use after the second week of instruction. Please check the current printed class schedule for current add/drop deadlines and instructions.

FACS Add-Drop Student Statement

Academic Standards Committee Petition for Special Consideration - Available at the Admissions and Records Counter, Lassen Hall, first floor.

Deletion of Major/Minor

Declaration of Major 
Please see an adviser prior to submitting your change of academic program form to our office for the department chair's approval.

Course Substitution Form - (pdf) 

First Semester "WU" Grade Deletion Petition - (pdf)

GE Substitution Form - (pdf)

Graduation Sample Application

Graduation Application - Bachelor's Degree (Major)

Graduation Application Instructions - Bachelor's Degree

Graduation Date Change - (pdf) 

Repeat Petition- (pdf)

Semester Countdown 

•••FACS Forms  

FACS Department ADD Permit - (doc) to be used during the first two weeks of the semester ONLY.

•Family Life Education Certificate

advising.sheet - (doc)

advising.sheet - (pdf)

•Special Major in Dietetics 

application - (doc)

application- (pdf)

sample.statement.letter - (doc)

sample.statement.letter - (pdf)

course substitution- (doc)

•FACS 195A Handbook-
Word format

•FACS 195C Handbook-
Word format 

Field Trip Student Waiver

Field Trip Guidelines

Emergency Contact Form

Time Log

•FACS 199 Handbook-
Word format

•Forms for Faculty

Administrative Drop Request

Class Project/Research Activities Request Form (Human Subjects)

Incomplete Petition

Request for Review by the Human Subjects Committee

Travel Request-Absence-Voluntary Substitute Assignment Form - 
to be completed in ADVANCE of all scheduled absences or AFTER all unplanned absences.

Travel Expense Justification

Travel Expense Claim
to be completed AFTER you travel. Submit to Judi Brenner in the Department Office.