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  wedding ensemble undergarment two piece day dress two piece day dress with black net voile dress with apron  
  1890 1900 1910  
  timeline timeline time line time line time line  
  tea gown aqua cocktail dress halter dress tulle strapless dress silk kimono  
  1950 1960  
  timeline timeline timeline timeline timeline  
  blue embroidered dress purple boucle suit red dress lime green shift turquoise minidress
  timeline timeline timeline timeline timeline  
  long gown with pearls and rhinestones pink gunne sax gown satin wedding dress with train evening gown with shawl  
  1970   1980      
  timeline timeline timeline timeline  

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This webpage was made possible with the support of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, and the CSUS Media Center.

Web design and costume research were created by Courtney Haueter, Chelsea Perri, Joy Sun, and Rachel Young under the direction of Dr. Mary Botkin, Apparel Merchandising and Design.

The costumes belong to the Costume Collection of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Costume photographs by Sam Parsons of the CSUS Media Center.