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The Family and Consumer Sciences Department offers a concentration in Apparel Marketing and Design as part of the BA in Family and Consumer Sciences degree program.The concentration prepares students for careers in the field of apparel including: design, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing.  The program emphasizes the contemporary and historical ways of meeting the economic, physiological and sociological needs of consumers relative to apparel and textile product.

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Some Careers:

•  Apparel Designer or Manufacturer

•  Fashion Coordinator

•  Purchasing Agent

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This webpage was made possible with the support of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies, and the CSUS Media Center.

The website and costume research were created by Dr. Mary Botkin and the students of FACS 199;Courtney Haueter, Chelsea Perri, Joy Sun, and Rachel Young.

The costumes belong to the Costume Collection of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Costume photographs by Sam Parsons of the CSUS Media Center.