wedding ensemble 1898



This dress was donated to CSUS by Professor Emeritus, Jeline Ware.   Her grandmother wore the ensemble for her wedding in 1898. In 1924 the dress was worn by her mother for her wedding, and then by her mother's youngest sister for her wedding in 1940. The dress was worn again by Jeline Ware's mother for her 25 th wedding anniversary in 1949.

This two piece ensemble contains a fitted, fully boned, bodice with a long full skirt with train. The ensemble is made out of light weight wool with silk ribbon accents. Silk pleated ribbon decorates the hem of the skirt.  It also decorates the bodice and sleeves in beautiful scroll patterns. The bust insert, which is made of chiffon, was added in 1949. The ensemble is finished off by a wide silk belt with a bow.  

This piece embodies many of the characteristics of clothing from the era. During the 1890s, two piece dresses with boned bodices were popular.  During this period skirts were full, but lacked the bustles that had been so popular in the previous decade. In the latter years of the 1890s sleeves became narrow compared to the large puffed sleeves that had been popular during the first part of the decade.

-Rachel Young


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