Matched Interns can be guided as to where their rotation facilities may be prior to the start of Orientation to assist in relocation decisions. Dietetic Interns can expect to receive confirmed individual rotation schedules for the year on the first day of Orientation Week. Supervised practice is divided into rotation segments and there may be several sites for each of the rotations.

Clinical Rotation:

Acute Care

18-20 weeks

Long-Term Care / Rehabilitation

2-3 weeks


Women Infants and Children

2-4 weeks

School Food and Nutrition

2-3 weeks

(DPHP) Public/Private Organizations

3-6 weeks

(AAPP) State Agency

4 weeks

Outpatient Rotation:

(DPHP) Public/Private Health

2-4 weeks


4 weeks

Food Service Management / Adminstration:

Food Service Management / Administration

8-9 weeks

In addition each Intern receives:


1 week


2 weeks


2 weeks