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Spring Semester 2014 Mentorship / Application Session

As part of their leadership roles within the Dietetic Internship Association, the CSUS Interns are available to provide guidance and mentorship. Click here for information about the Interns.

A Google Group will be the forum for prospective Interns or those needing mentoring to ask questions, to interact with current Interns, or set up personal mentorship meetings. Join the group to start receiving guidance right away.

If applicable, remember to bring parts or all of the application you would like assistance with to your appointment. It does not matter which programs you are applying to as these meetings are not specific to just the CSUS program. However, if you are applying to the CSUS program, our Interns can provide you with first hand knowledge and information which would be extremely useful.

Spring Semester 2014 Mentoring / Application Session

Specific dates in January/February 2014 TBA - Please visit the Google Group on these sessions.